Secure Non-Confidential Document Shredding & Recycling

The stylish 145-litre non confidential container fits comfortably into any office environment. Because we sort all recyclables we accept used stationery, magazines and other paper based items.

Container shredding costs include delivery and collection. A telephone request received by 10.00am ensures PODS are exchanged on the same day.

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The stylish 145-litre container fits comfortably into any office environment and, with its locked lid, meets compliance demands.

All shedding is done in a secure environment and a destruction certificate is supplied.


The 140-litre container is a lower cost option for secure document shredding. Its locked lid and letterbox flap meet compliance demands. MORE

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Archivist is a winner of the Keep Guernsey Green Recycling award for its document shedding and recycling We offfer a range of scanning and archiving solutions