Archivist Room Storage

The individual storage rooms allow you to store boxes, files and other items in a secure environment where you control the access level in the complete knowledge that the highest security levels are maintained. You are at liberty to come to the store during normal office hours as many times as you wish, and no charge is made for the retrieval of boxes.

We also offer a delivery and collection service which some clients find beneficial. For requests received by 10.00am delivery is same day. Should you require a box to be delivered urgently we will deal with the request immediately.

We have various document storage options available. For clients with smaller quantities of boxes, we store the documents in an area alongside those of other clients who have similar requirements, for a low annual storage cost per box. Shelving is included in the price. MORE

Boxes are stacked no more than two deep and two high, in order to maintain the boxes in good condition. This also makes retrieval easier and less time consuming for clients. Shelving is included in the service price. MORE

Individual rooms for storage of 160 boxes or more are fitted with shelving tailored to clients’ requirements. The shelving can be altered to accommodate either boxes or files. This is a flexible space that can also be used for storing filing cabinets, pictures, etc. MORE

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