Archivist recycles over 720 tons of shredded paper per year providing recycling firms with the highest grade of recyclable paper waste.

We offer three document recycling options:
• 145-litre confidential secure locked container
• 145-litre non-confidential container
• 140-litre confidential secure budget container

All containers are taken to our secure shredding room and processed. The cutting heads of our shredding machine are an upgraded 4.5mm wide cross cut which, coupled with vacuum extraction, is the highest industrial grade paper shredding and conforms to military specification.
We designed and manufactured a secure, wheeled container, and PODS (Portable On-Demand Shredding) was born. The stylish 145-litre container fits comfortably into any office environment and, with its locked lid, meets compliance demands. MORE

This POD allows our clients to easily recycle all their Non-confidential used and waste stationery and paper. The POD is handled to the same exacting standards as are secure containers and allows business to improve their environmental performance. MORE

The 140 litre container has been adapted from standard municipal style waste containers to supply a budget, secure wheeled container with a lockable lid and a letterbox style post-through access. MORE

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Archivist is a winner of the Keep Guernsey Green Recycling award for its document shedding and recycling We offfer a range of scanning and archiving solutions